Our Philosophy

PCH Scuba exists to deliver the finest scuba training in Southern California. Our goal is to provide a fun atmosphere that promotes safe diving and an appreciation of the underwater environment.

Scuba is a safe, rewarding sport when done properly. We are here for the sole purpose of keeping you safe. Our promise to you is simple: We will ensure that you are absolutely prepared for your scuba experience and have a great time doing it.

 We offer learning opportunities in a classroom setting and all of our in water ocean training at Catalina Island. The cost of the hotel and ferry to get to Catalina is included in the price of the Open Water Certification course.

Remember you are choosing an educational facility. The right choice is imperative.

You work hard for your money and deserve the finest experiences. PCH Scuba is different. You will spend less money while getting better value for the money you do spend.

Take a moment to learn more about the PCH Scuba Community or read all about our Open Water Scuba Certification. When you're ready, head straight over to our Online Store to reserve your spot and begin your underwater adventure!

PCH Scuba's staff is passionate about diving and that comes through clearly when you attend one of our scuba certification classes. But passion does not mean gung-ho. That could not be farther from our teaching philosophy. We feel it is our job to coach you through the process, not badger you. Scuba should be safe first and foremost, but right after safe, it should be fun! We build an encouraging environment in our classes, on our boats and during our international trips so that you can seek the level of adventure you're comfortable with.

We absolutely could not be more proud of our professional instructors!

We believe we have assembled the finest staff in southern California and are certain you will agree.

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