Self-Reliant Diver vs Solo Diver

By Brett Bovard IN Blog Posts

Feb 12, 2020

By Tom Figueroa As Open Water Diver students we were all taught, literally from day one, the value of using the “Buddy System” when diving. We were told to always dive with a buddy, never dive alone. Some of the benefits of diving with a .. Read More

5 Simple tips for better photos

By Brett Bovard IN Blog Posts

Apr 11, 2018

Underwater Photography - 5 Simple Tips -by Abe Rolick Here are a few simple tips to improve your underwater photography regardless of your skill level and what equipment you use. 1. Proper buoyancy Proper buoyancy is the most important skill for any .. Read More

PCH Scuba- Socorro, June 2016

By Kim Elsner IN Blog Posts

Nov 02, 2017

By Kim Elsner Magical. If I had to describe our trip to the Socorro Islands in one word it would be magical. Hollywood couldn't have scripted a better trip for us. The amount of emotions that were brought out of all of us on this trip is absolute.. Read More