Our Community

About Our Community

Our Annual Travel Party, with over 200 friends, $8,000 in raffle prizes, this is an event not to be missed!!

PCH Scuba started strictly as a training organization. We didn't have a retail shop for the first 6 years of our existence. We focused solely on training and building the best and safest divers possible. Now your community is 3000 divers strong. We are so proud of you all!

Most of our instructors have "grown up" through PCH which has enabled us to keep our focus on safety, mentor-ship and friendships. We're excited to invite instructors who share the same goals to join the team. We are always there to support and coach any diver even if they haven't taken a class from us.

What sets our shop apart from the rest is the sense of belonging divers feel when they come to us. We focus on developing divers in a non-threatening environment. Passing knowledge and tips from diver to diver. Treat strangers like friends and friends like family. It is really simple.

Our community service sets us apart! Take a look at Project Guanaja above. That is just one example. Gear discounts for Dive Team members, Police, Fire Department
and Military both active and retired, you are appreciated here! Talk to us for the details of these programs, your savings are significant.

We have many events throughout the year for divers to meet each other, find new dive buddies and just have fun with people with the same interests. These events include our annual Travel Party, dinners, movie nights, concerts, BBQ's and of course dive trips! Head on over to our Event Calendar to stay updated on upcoming events!

Welcome to the PCH SCUBA Family!