• Deep Diver Specialty

Deep Diver Specialty

As your desire grows to explore more underwater, you'll discover that there are reasons to go below the 60' depth limit associated with your Open Water certification. In Southern California, the Wreck of the Suejac sits at 85', the bottom of The Arch at 100' and the Purple Hydrocoral at Farnsworth Bank even deeper than that. Knowing how to properly prepare for a dive to those depths is imperative.

We teach you how to use a backup air source, deploy a delayed surface marker buoy as well as calculate breathing rate and planning dives.

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With the deep diver specialty you'll typically do the first dive or two at Casino Point Dive Park. We then will do the remaining dives on a boat so we can get a little more depth on you. The price of the course does not include transportation to Catalina or your boat fee.

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